• War on Terror: Iraq/Afghanistan ~ As a pretext for preemtive war to invade Iraq and Afghanistan for alleged ‘connections‘ to the events of 9/11. General Wesley Clark  speaks about the White House plan to invade Iraq 10 days after 9/11 and the plan to invade 7 countries in 5 years: 
  • 9/11 ~ FACT: William Cooper predicted the events of 9-11-01 on his radio program Hour of the Time on 6-28-01. How could he possibly know Osama Bin Laden was going to be the scapegoat for a terrorist plot? He knew the REAL history behind this government’s corruption. Sadly enough he was murdered by cops outside of his home nearly 2 months after the events of 9/11 because he was a threat to the official story. He often talked and wrote about getting killed for the information he was exposing… The events surrounding WTC Building 7 are very interesting because it also fell at free-fall speed suspiciously like it was a controlled demolition although it was not struck by an airliner. Due to similar false flag operations like the World Trade Center bombing in 1993 or the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995, it has become very clear a pattern is forming regarding these ‘terror attacks’. Listen to Bill Coopers prediction here: 
  • Oklahoma City Bombing 1995~ There is crystal clear evidence that agencies within the government had PRIOR KNOWLEDGE regarding the bombing of the federal building and suppression of the official story. There is proof showing that bombs  were planted INSIDE the building as well as the truck bomb outside. Here is a must see video that was just released in the end of 2011, ‘A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995’:
  • World Trade Center bombing 1993 ~ FBI linked to Egyptian bomb maker, proof that FBI had foreknowledge of the bombing plan.
  • Gulf War I ~ Saddam Hussein was originally put into power as a pro U.S. puppet dictator. He was sold weapons to fight Iran by Donald Rumsfeld in the 80’s when he was Secretary of Defense… The use of depleted uranium started being used heavily in ammunition and is linked to Gulf War syndrome and hundreds if not thousands of birth defects across the war-torn middle east. Uranium is highly radioactive and has a half-life of 4.5 BILLION YEARS! ‘Beyond Treason: Depleted Uranium in War’: 
  • Iran/Contra ~ CIA caught red handed selling weapons to Iran to fund the terrorist group know as the Contras who were supplying cocaine to sell in the streets of America to help fund further covert activity. Here is an excellent documentary that ties together the CIA, Bush and Clinton, Barry Seal and Mena Arkansas, ‘The Mena Connection’:
  • Operation Just Cause, the invasion of Panama ~ The little known invasion of Panama that left hundreds of civilians dead. Here is a good film showcasing the events behind the invasion in, ‘The Panama Deception’: 
  • Afghan Mujahideen ~ US funded and trained Afghan freedom fighters to fight communist Russia in the late 70s and early 80s. Osama Bin Laden fought with the Afghans and was considered a CIA asset.
  • Iran Hostage Crisis ~
  • CIA assassination of Omar Torrijos ~ The Panamanian General that was assassinated in a CIA covert operation were a bomb was planted in his airplane.
  • Operation Northwoods  ~ Declassified false flag operation to carry out a terrorist attack on American interests in order to blame it on Cuba so we could justify going to war. Here is a short article from ABC News that exposes the ‘Military Industrial Complex’ and it’s agenda to wage war by any means, including but not limited to the unapologetic killing of innocent American citizens:
  • Iranian coup 1953 ~ An unlawful coup orchestrated by CIA operatives to overthrow the democratically elected leader Muhammad Mosaddegh to install a pro U.S. dictator. This will be the template used for MANY more regime changes like Nicaragua, Panama, Iraq and many others. In 2012 we are gearing up for war with Iran, you can tell by the incrementalism used in the media and it’s ‘build up’. Here is an excellent video that exposes the secret history of the U.S. and Iran:
  • Atomic Bomb 1945 ~ Japan surrendered a couple weeks before the atomic bombs were dropped on Japan. The military wanted to test them on a civilian populace to test the short/long term effects.
  • Pearl Harbor ~ The Executive branch of government was privy to Japan’s plan to attack Pearl Harbor by MULTIPLE international sources WEEKS before the attack. This ‘surprise attack‘ was used as a pretext to get the people’s backing of an unpopular war. The BBC did shocking documentary that proves that the government knew the plot and did nothing despite the cost of life. BBC’s ‘Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor’:
  • Emergency Banking Act of 1933 ~ FDR declared the U.S. government “bankrupt and insolvent” on Mar. 9, 1933 and declared a national emergency, created the IRS which is an agency of the IMF and the registered security know to us as the birth certificate. Because of the bankruptcy, the people of the united States backed the government with their “full faith and credit” and used as collateral to back the fiat currency created by the private Federal Reserve Bank.

  • Federal Reserve Act of 1913 ~ Legislation created by 7 of the wealthiest men on earth(NOT Congress) that represented 25% of the world’s total wealth. This was written by these men on Jekyll Island off the coat of Georgia and created a private bank foreign from the government itself that the U.S. government to borrow the fiat currency on interest. It created ‘Fractional Reserve Banking’ which in form is a ponzi scheme were ‘ledger currency’ is created out of thin air. First, the Federal Reserve prints fiat currency out of thin air with interest that must be borrowed to pay creating a never-ending cycle of DEBT, then the banks create more ‘ledger currency’ out of thin air to constantly inflate and devalue the currency which is a hidden tax on the public. There is a BIG difference between lawful money and legal tender.

  • USS Maine sunk 1898 ~ A significant amount of evidence points toward the intentional sinking of the USS Maine in Havana Harbor as a pretext for war and one of the first cited false flag operations. This has many similarities to Operation Northwoods that was considered 60 years later.
  • Organic Act of 1871 ~ Also know as the District of Columbia Organic Act; this unlawful legislation created a NEW corporation (not the landmass or original republic) with the same name as the landmass but the two ARE NOT THE SAME. The entity known to us as the UNITED STATES is a corporation and, in fact, is FOREIGN to the people who inhabit the landmass know as the united States of America.
  • Reconstruction Acts ~ The 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution abolishes ‘involuntary slavery but doesn’t define ‘voluntary slavery also known as ‘slavery by consent‘. The 14th Amendment made a new 2nd class incorporated ‘citizen of the United States’ that was previously left undefined. Because the U.S. has the authority to regulate commerce under maritime/admiralty law, contracts are used to bind men and woman unknowingly to the liabilities associated with being a public trustee under trust law. This is a little golden nugget of knowledge that has been covered up by lawyers and politicians alike.
  • Leiber Code ~ After Lincoln declared martial rule the Leiber Code was used to expand power to the executive branch. Martial rule evidenced today by the use of executive orders. Lincoln signed Executive Order No. 1 and they have been in effect since. Full Text here:
  • The republic SUSPENDED ~ on XXXX X, 1861 Congress adjourned sine die meaning ‘without a day’ to reconvene a LAWFUL Congress of the original union of the several states. After this day Congress NEVER LAWFULLY RECONVENED.