*NOTE* Some of these documentaries are hard to find, if you can’t find it or a link is not working or have a suggestion just comment below. Caveat emptor; don’t take every point as truth, you must by your own diligence verify that all these resources are true. We feel these are very accurate resources but like ex-military intelligence officer William Cooper said,  “Read everything, listen to everybody; don’t trust anything unless you can prove it with your own research.”


  • *MUST WATCH* Noam Chomsky: Manufacturing Consent ~ http://youtu.be/3AnB8MuQ6DU
  • *MUST WATCH* U.S. covert involvement in Iran since 1953 ~ http://youtu.be/_WVtpao0KSM
  • *MUST WATCH* Economic Hitmen ~ http://youtu.be/n7Fzm1hEiDQ
  • *MUST WATCH* Collapse by Michael Ruppert: Peak Oil and the Breakdown of Society ~ http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/50078/Collapse__part_1_/
  • *MUST WATCH* End of America: Ten steps to fascism ~ http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/1317803
  • *MUST WATCH* Beyond Treason: Depleted Uranium in War ~ http://youtu.be/NDWTpp0jQo8
  • Iraq For Sale ~ http://youtu.be/0Zt9BZD7mlc
  • Iraq War Crimes: Depleted Uranium ~ http://youtu.be/lR4z9ohRx
  • AMERICAN SOLDIERS ARE WAKING UP! ~ http://youtu.be/WWUQ_N_vHc0
  • Bill Cooper predicts 9/11 on 6/28/01 ~ http://youtu.be/lLHVQUTrgvM
  • 9/11: Core of Corruption ~ http://youtu.be/fsVGcuxRVeQ
  • *NEW MUST WATCH* A Noble Lie: Oklahoma City 1995 ~ http://youtu.be/TT11qSCIpHU
  • Conspiracy: A Secret History of CIA drug running and terrorism ~ http://youtu.be/lfH3NxrY_aM
  • The Mena Connection: CIA, Iran/Contra and Drug Running ~  http://youtu.be/OYikJv8uIpw
  • Cover Up: Behind the Iran-Contra Affair ~  http://youtu.be/mXZRRRU2VRI
  • The Panama Deception: The Invasion of Panama ~ http://youtu.be/sfWz20nDAyI
  • *MUST WATCH* The Most Dangerous Man in America: Daniel Ellsberg and the Pentagon Papers ~  http://documentaryheaven.com/the-most-dangerous-man-in-america/
  • *MUST WATCH*Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor ~ http://youtu.be/3uilOGzxr2c



  • Dean Clifford: Making it Simple (part 1) ~ http://youtu.be/O2pMJyIikCk
  • Dean Clifford: Making it Simple (Part 2) ~ http://youtu.be/kvKu2UNHQpA
  • Dean Clifford: Q & A (Part 3) ~ http://youtu.be/J2GaxlGTyAE
  • Clip from ‘Esotaric Agenda’ on Martime/Admiralty Law ~ http://youtu.be/XwZhU6uv9sA
  • Aaron Russo: Freedom to Fascism ~ http://youtu.be/lUpZhhbKUBo


  • Ex-LAPD officer Michael Ruppert’s confrontation of CIA Director John Deutch about CIA involvement in cocaine trafficking on C-SPAN ~ http://youtu.be/UT5MY3C86bk
  • JFK’s famous ‘Secret Society’ speech ~ http://youtu.be/FnkdfFAqsHA
  • Eisenhower’s farewell address: Military Industrial Complex ~ http://youtu.be/Gg-jvHynP9Y
  • Charlie Chaplin’s famous ‘Dictator’ speech ~ http://youtu.be/WibmcsEGLKo


  • George Carlin ~ Comedian and unapologetic truth teller of his day.
  • Joe Rogan ~ Comedian and unapologetic truth teller of today.
  • General Wesley Clark ~ Army General who blew whistle on the ‘policy coup’ regarding our foreign policy and war in the middle East.
  • Michael Ruppert ~ Ex Los Angeles Narcotics Officer and whistleblower of CIA cocaine involvement.
  • Ted Gunderson ~ Former FBI chief of Memphis, Dallas and Los Angeles. Whistleblower regarding government corruption and chemtrails.
  • Daniel Ellsberg ~ Government insider who blew the exposed the plans to invade Vietnam under false pretenses with the infamous Pentagon Papers.

  • *MUST READ* Black’s Law Dictionary of Legal Terms ~ 6th edition or prior
  • *MUST READ* John Perkins ~ Confessions of an Economic Hitman
  • *MUST READ* Gerry Spence ~ From Freedom to Slavery, Give Me Liberty, With Justice for None
  • *MUST READ* Naomi Wolf ~ End of America: Letter of Warning to a Young Patriot
  • Michael Ruppert ~ Crossing the Rubicon
  • William Cooper ~ Behold a Pale Horse 
  • Howard Zinn ~ A People’s History of the United States
  • Noam Chomsky ~ Manufacturing Consent
  • Peter Irons ~ A People’s History of the Supreme Court
  • Peter Ellsberg ~
  • *MUST READ* Henry David Thoreau ~ Civil Disobedience (1849)
  • James Madison ~ Federalist No. 10
  • Thomas Jefferson ~
  • Thomas Paine ~ Common Sense (1776)

  • *MUST READ* Black’s Law Dictionary of Legal Terms ~ 6th edition or prior
  • *MUST READ* Bouvier’s Law Dictionary (1856)
  • Sir William Blackstone ~ Commentaries on the Laws of England (1765-1769)
  • Sir Edward Coke Institutes of the Lawes of England (1628-1644)

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