So where did all this go wrong? HOW does the State have essentially POWER OF ATTORNEY of your affairs as a flesh and blood married couple? We are going to explore this and some other questions that are going to lead to a very huge, very real realization for many people. This will also be the solution for same sex couples who wish to be “married” but minus the State’s bullshit approval. Fuck the state, they need to get their tentacles out of the business of love, they just purely make money off of it and retain control over people and their private affairs…

This is my story:

Today is the 4 year anniversary with my beautiful and loving better half. As I have been looking deeply into the realm that is law, I have found some disturbing things that not only make me sick but explain the predicament that faces humanity. Thru love I am going to help set people free by setting an example. Thru love I am going to help you brake the invisible chains of voluntary servitude.

Soon I will be asking the woman I love to be my LAWFULLY WEDDED WIFE. I care not for legal “benefits and privileges” granted by the State because in the hierarchy of reality the State itself is just a fiction of law, an idea. We, including the union of souls, existed before “the State” and it will exist after. Instead of getting a “marriage license” which is essentially permission to love and be with my squeeze, I am drawing up a 2 PARTY CONTRACT that excludes the State from having any part of our union whatsoever. To be governed the State MUST have consent because the very definition of just government is by consent and consent alone. Otherwise government WITHOUT consent is the definition of slavery…

“Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their JUST powers from the CONSENT of the governed…”
~Declaration of Independence