UPDATED 12/17/12

Here is a documentary list of the best most enlightening documentaries I have seen (and I have seen hundreds!). This is a good place to start to try to understand the world that has been created/indoctrinated around us. The first 5 on this list are from metanoia-films.org and are some of the best I’ve seen to date.

~HUMAN RESOURCES: Social Engineering for the 20th Century~

~PSYWAR: The Battlefield is Your Mind~

~THE POWER PRINCIPLE: Empire (part 1)~

~THE POWER PRINCIPLE: Propaganda (part 2)~

~THE POWER PRINCIPLE: Armagedon (Part 3)~

~PROPAGANDA: (A North Korean film about western “democracy”)~

~TERRORSTORM: A History of Government Sponsored Terrorism~

~DECLASSIFIED: Human Experimentation (CIA Nazis who continued experimenting on unwitting “participants” with scientists brought over from Germany in Operation Paperclip)~

~SPIN: (How the media is a tool to spread lies and disinfo)~

~AMERICA: Freedom to Fascism (unconstitutionality of income tax on wages/labor, understand there are TWO status’ in America and income tax only applies to 14th Amendment federal “citizens of the United States”)~

~THE SECRET OF OZ: (money manipulation history)~

~THE CORPORATION: (how corporations have become legal “persons” who rule over mankind)~

~THE SECRET GOVERNMENT: The Constitution in Crisis (Iran/Contra)~

~BBC: Sacrifice at Pearl Harbor~

~AMERICAN DRUG WAR: THe Great White Hope~

~RUN FROM THE CURE: The Rick Simpson Story (cannabis cures cancer/tumors)~

~MARIJUANA: A Cronic History (and how it became illegal)~


~THE EMPIRE OF THE CITIES: Inner London, Washington D.C. and the Vatican~

~A DARK LEGACY: George H.W. Bush and the Murder of JFK (by American Nazis)~

~GADAFFI: The Truth About Libya (he was murdered because he was going to start a gold-backed currency, the gold dinar, that would destroy our fiat paper crap)~

~INNOCENTS BETRAYED: The History of Gun Control (put this up considering recent events in Connecticut)~