The ONLY reason the federal government has as much power as it does is because:

1) The RECONSTRUCTION of America after the war between the states changed the power of the people to Feds > States > People.

2) The 14th Amendment NATIONALIZED CITIZENSHIP which took the power away from the states. Prior to this amendment, the states had ultimate power because people were paramount citizens of their state/country NOT the Union (federal government). People > States > Feds

3) FEDERALLY FUNDED public school (indoctrination) taught us the so-called Civil War was fought to free the slaves. That is BULLSHIT. The Civil War, which was started by the UNION, was fought to conquer the states and consolidate power into the Union. Here we are now 140+ years later bitching about the unjust federal government.HERE IS THE REMEDY:

We have a choice to what government we want to give allegiance to, D.C. or your ORIGINAL state republic. 99.9% of people are 14th Amendment federal “citizens of the United States” who are “subject to the jurisdiction thereof” (Section 1). As well as being SUBJECT to IT, you are not allowed to “question the validity of public debt” (Section 4), so all this bitching about the “fiscal cliff” will get us nowhere because you CONSENT to IT. Remember the Declaration of Independence, “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the CONSENT of the governed.”

Yea… voting, accepting benefits, getting a “marriage license” et al are forms of consenting to IT. If you don’t want to give allegiance to it, expatriate formally and claim the nationality of your country which is your ORIGINAL state republic. The STATE OF __________ we see today is NOT the original, it is a political subdivision of D.C. Frankly, our original states are uninhabited (a “state” is not necessarily the land, it is a BODY POLITIC) because 99.9% of people’s status as a D.C. citizen makes us foreign to the state we were born.

Remember, the 13th Amendment outlawed “slavery or involuntary servitude”. What about VOLUNTARY SERVITUDE? Hence the insidious 14th Amendment… slavery was never abolished, it just changed forms and we were all indoctrinated to believe we are free. “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” ~Goethe

For more info on freeing yourself from voluntary servitude, read THE RED AMENDMENT by LB Bork. Here are some free resources to get a better idea of this bondage:

*In the next few articles there will be a VERY thorough explanations of the above backed by quotes, historical documents and law. STAY TUNED!