Here is my reply:

This is good, but found one BIG mistake.

“Several weeks ago, we passed a law, declaring Oklahoma as a Sovereign state, not under the Federal Government directives.”

This is impossible, the states (because of the 14th Amendment citizenship) are political subdivisions in the federal system. This is all because the 14th Amendment changed our allegiance from state to federal. 
Pre 14th Amendment, de jure hierarchy of creation:
Creator (God) > American People > State Republic > Federal Government
Post 14th Amendment, de facto hierarchy of creation:
Federal Government (false GOD) > State > American People
Here are direct quotes from Dyett v Turner (1968), an AWESOME court case to read and understand…

 “The United States Supreme Court, as at present constituted, HAS DEPARTED FROM THE CONSTITUTION as it has been interpreted from its inception and has followed the urgings of social reformers in foisting upon this Nation laws which even Congress could not constitutionally pass.  It has amended the Constitution in a manner unknown to the document itself.  While it takes three fourths of the states of the Union to change the Constitution legally, yet as few as five men who have never been elected to office can by judicial fiat accomplish a change just as radical as could three fourths of the states of this Nation.  As a result of the recent holdings of that Court, THE SOVEREIGNTY OF THE STATES IS PRACTICALLY ABOLISHED, AND ERSTWHILE FREE AND INDEPENDENT STATES ARE NOW IN EFFECT AND PURPOSE MERELY CLOSELY SUPERVISED UNITS IN THE FEDERAL SYSTEM.

  In regard to the Fourteenth Amendment, which the present Supreme Court of the United States has by decision chosen as the BASIS FOR INVADING THE RIGHTS AND PREROGATIVES OF THE SOVEREIGN STATES, it is appropriate to look at the means and methods by which that amendment was foisted upon the Nation in times of emotional stress.  We have no desire at this time to have the Fourteenth Amendment declared unconstitutional.  In fact, we are not asked to do that.  We merely want to show what type of a horse that Court has to ride in order to justify its USURPATION of the prerogatives of the states.”
^This is EXACTLY what I have been talking about and the Utah Supreme Court (Utah is mentioned in that blurb with Montana, Oklahoma, etc) openly tells it how it is. This is because the 14th Amendment has changed the relationship of the government to the people under the guise of giving “freed” blacks “civil rights”. Is it ironic it took nearly 100 years for them to REALLY get civil rights? Besides, “civil rights” are not rights at all, they are PRIVILEGES. Rights come from our humanity (God), privileges come from man (governments).
Below is a direct quote from James G. Blaine, a radical Republican during the Reconstruction Era and a proponent of the 14th Amendment that is destroying America:

“In the first place, we ask that they will agree to certain changes in the Constitution of the United States; and, to begin with, we want them to unite with us in broadening the citizenship of the Republic. The slaves recently emancipated by proclamation, and subsequently by Constitutional Amendment, have no civil status. They should be made citizens. We do not, by making them citizens, make them voters,—we do not, in this Constitutional Amendment, attempt to force them upon Southern white men as equals at the ballot-box; but we do intend that they shall be admitted to citizenship, that they shall have the protection of the laws, that they shall not, any more than the rebels shall, be deprived of life, of liberty, of property, without due process of law, and that “they shall not be denied the equal protection of the law. And in making this extension of citizenship, WE ARE NOT CONFINING THE BREADTH AND SCOPE OF OUR EFFORTS TO THE NEGRO. IT IS FOR THE WHITE MAN AS WELL. WE INTEND TO MAKE CITIZENSHIP NATIONAL[1]. Heretofore, a man has been a citizen of the United States because he was a citizen of some-one of the States[2]: now, we propose to reverse that, and make him a citizen of any State where he chooses to reside, by defining in advance his National citizenship—and our Amendment declares that “all persons born or naturalized in the United States, and SUBJECT TO THE JURISDICTION THEREOF, are citizens of the United States and of the States wherein they reside.”
-Political discussions, Legislative, Diplomatic, and Popular, 1856-1886, James Gillespie Blaine, pg. 64

[1] National citizenship, SUBJECT to federal government under CIVIL LAW. “Victimless crime” exists in this lawform because “the State” is “GOD” aka the Creator. You know I’m not into orthodox religion but I’m smart enough understand it’s meaning. Man is not supposed to be idolizing FALSE GODS! This is the type of law Rome used and essentially why it self-destructed, destroyed itself from within. Sound familiar? This is the problem, we (the ignorant American people) have been “in rebellion” against our constitutional ORIGINAL state republics. The states are COUNTRIES who created the Union just like the countries of Europe that created the European Union. The difference is the EU hasn’t defined “national citizenship” yet but this is all part of what George H.W. Bush calls “A New World Order”.
[2] State Citizenship, NOT SUBJECT to the federal government but subject to their COUNTRY/STATE under COMMON LAW. This is how the American system was constructed originally. There is no “victimless crime” in common law because “the State” is not real, it is a fiction. For a crime to be committed someone or their property must be injured or someone has to commit fraud in their contracts. Common law views GOD as the legitimate Creator… The Union (federal government) started the Civil War by threatening the sovereignty/rights of the states. The south knew this, that is why the seceded from the Union. The Union was going to usurp their right to sovereignty, and this is where we are at today. There is a multitude of quotes from presidents, politicians and court cases to back this up.
So what is to be done about this usurpation? In the Declaration of Independence  it states:
“Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their JUST powers from the CONSENT of the governed.”
We need to quit being 14th Amendment federal citizens, PERIOD. Voting in the FEDERAL SYSTEM, accepting benefits, signing up for “marriage licenses”, ect. is giving consent to the feds to usurp your NATURAL BORN RIGHTS. Is marriage a natural right? Did it exist before the “United States”? Of course it did! But now a “legal (civil law) marriage”, which is NOT the same as a lawful (common law) marriage, is a 3 PART CONTRACT BETWEEN YOU, YOUR SPOUSE AND THE STATE!!!!!!!!! For Christ’s sake, this is as asinine as asinine can possibly get. We need to stop worshipping false Gods that: create perpetual war, create perpetual debt with fiat currency that controls our economy and the WORLDS economy, rapes weaker nations of the earth for their natural resources, allows muti-national corporations destroy OUR earth for profit, tell us what to think/do/say/feel, run REAL drugs into America (Iran/Contra and currently U.S. soldiers PROTECTING heroin poppy fields in Afghanistan when prior to the invasion there were NONE!) I really can go on but I think you get the idea.
I hope this is a little insight to why I am perpetually PISSED THE FUCK OFF by the hypocrisy of the “USA Titanic” and all the ignorant TV indoctrinated ZOMBIES (zombie apocalypse?????) that choose to ignore the facts that make us the modern day Rome. Rome will burn again unless we start collectively pulling our heads out of our asses!
This is why I will be FORMALLY expatriating [Title 8 USC section 1481 (a)(2)] from the United States government, a “FOREIGN corporation with respect to a state” (as defined in 19 Corpus Juris Secundum, § 883), and claiming my birthright as a Nevada national which is my home country and place of birth. This is my New Years resolution after years of study. I do not recognize the false God “United States” as being legitimate and I will NOT give it legitimacy by consenting to it. 
It has been said by ignorant people around me that  “I hate America” or “I hate the government”. This is NOT true for the following reasons:
1) “America” is a continent, it was here before the “United States” and it will be here after.
2) The “United States” is a Union; a FOREIGN corporation with respect to our rightful states. It was intended to be the agent of the states to ensure international commerce and our collective safety. Those who give allegiance to IT  rather then their country are the REAL problem as they don’t follow the rule of law due to ignorance, indoctrination and cowardice.
3) The “United States” and it’s political subdivisions, the STATE OF __________, are “de facto” aka ILLEGITIMATE bodies politic. The 14th Amendment changed that BODY POLITIC of the people by swearing allegiance to the federal government (Union). The government I respect and swear allegiance to is the Nevada republic and other state republics, the “de jure” aka rightful governments that are GUARANTEED by Article IV section 4 of the U.S. Constitution, “The United States shall guarantee to every State IN THIS UNION a REPUBLICan form of Government.” 
Every wonder why government officials talk about “democracy”? If you have read our founding documents, NOWHERE does it mention democracy. A REPUBLIC and a DEMOCRACY are completely different; a republic, that has democratic processes within, preserves the rights of the individual and is based on the rule of law and by natural law (common law). It views GOD as the Creator… A democracy is essentially mob/majority rule. If the majority wants to make me a slave they can, by majority vote. It is based on civil law (law of man) and NOT on the rule of law or natural law. It views “the State” as “God”.
“Democracy passes into despotism.” ~Plato
In case people are unaware of the meaning of “despotism”, here it is. Sounds like the “United States” to me…


  1. The exercise of absolute power, esp. in a cruel and oppressive way.
  2. A country or political system where the ruler holds absolute power
With that I end my rant. If you want to share this with others so they can possibly educate themselves about the unfortunate truth of “the beast from the sea”, by all means go for it. I stand by my principals and this is backed by history and law.
Jared Dalen
Nevada national and patriot for mankind