BUNDY RANCH: A Brief History of the United States and its influence on AB408 (Misc1.1)


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There seems to be much confusion to what exactly the United States is, and more importantly, what it is not.

It is 2015 and the political landscape is heated. Events like the Bundy Ranch Standoff have brought people into a clear taking of sides. Is the Federal Government in the right, or is it possibly the Bundy supporters? To understand this complex issue, we must understand our form of government. There seems to be much confusion to what exactly the United States is, and more importantly, what it is not. How does this relate to the standoff at Bundy Ranch you might ask. Well, to understand who is right, we must revisit our Independence.

On July 2, 1776, the several former colonies of the British empire voted to declare their independence from British rule. It was officially declared two days later with the final document, the Declaration of Independence. These colonies after the Revolutionary War became individually sovereign and independent states recognized by King George III. Shortly thereafter, the Articles of Confederation were put into place to unite the fledgling nations into a confederacy for their mutual safety. Then, during the bitter winter of 1786-87, Daniel Shays, a modest farmer and Revolutionary War veteran, led an unsuccessful armed rebellion against the state of Massachusetts. Their desperate struggle was fueled by the injustice of a regressive tax system and a conservative state government that seemed no better than British colonial rule. This is one of the major events that lead to the Constitutional Convention and the Constitution for the United States of America.

The Federalist (Papers) is a collection of 85 articles and essays written by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay promoting the ratification of the United States Constitution. James Madison states in The Federalist #39:

[T]he new Constitution will, if established, be a federal and not a national constitution… The idea of a national government involves in it, not only an authority over the individual citizens, but an infinite supremacy over all persons and things, so far as they are objects of lawful government. Among a people consolidated into one nation, this supremacy is completely vested in a national legislature… the proposed government cannot be deemed a national one; since its jurisdiction extends to certain enumerated objects only, and leaves to the several States a residuary and inviolable sovereignty over all other objects

Madison continues in The Federalist #40:

Each State in ratifying the Constitution is considered as a sovereign body, independent of all others, and only to be bound by Its own voluntary act. In this relation, the new Constitution will be a federal and not a national Constitution.

It was understood that the new Federal Constitution had no national character, but merely encompassed what is known as private international law.(1) The Federal Constitution itself is a private international law compact between several sovereign nations. Our Union is similar to the European version, minus one BIG difference which I will address soon.(2)

So where did the Founders get the idea of a federal government from? Emer de Vattel was a Swiss philosopher, diplomat, and legal expert whose theories laid the foundation of modern international law and political philosophy. He describes a “federal republic” in his authoritative work, Law of Nations, Book I, § 10 Of states forming a federal republic:

Finally, several sovereign and independent states may unite themselves together by a perpetual confederacy, without ceasing to be, each individually, a perfect state. They will together constitute a federal republic: their joint deliberations will not impair the sovereignty of each member, though they may, in certain respects, put some restraint on the exercise of it, in virtue of voluntary engagements. A person does not cease to be free and independent, when he is obliged to fulfil engagements which he has voluntarily contracted.

In Article IV, Section 4 of Federal Constitution, the definition of the United States can be found in its original meaning:

The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence.

In closing of this section, I must stress that the states have every right as sovereign nations to leave the Union if the Federal Government was usurping its enumerated powers. William Rawle, an eminent and universally respected Philadelphia lawyer, authored “A View of the Constitution,” a textbook studied at the United States West Point Military Academy.(3) Rawle observes on page 296:

The principle of representation, although certainly the wisest and best, is not essential to the being of a republic, but to continue a member of the Union, it must be preserved, and therefore the guarantee must be so construed. It depends on the state itself to retain or abolish the principle representation , because it depends on itself whether it will continue a member of the Union. To deny this right would be inconsistent  with the principle on which all our political systems are founded, which is, that the people have in all cases, a right to determine how they will be governed.

Rawle continues on the following page:

It was observed, that it was competent for a state to make a compact with its citizens, that the reciprocal obligations of protection and allegiance might cease on certain events; and it was further observed, that allegiance would necessarily cease on the dissolution of the society to which it was due. The states, then, may wholly withdraw from the Union.

Daniel Webster, U.S. Senate, Feb. 15, 1833: (4)

If the Union was formed by the accession of States then the Union may be dissolved by the secession of States.

As late as 1856, the Court held in Piqua Bank v. Knoup (6 Ohio St. 342, 1856):

And the consideration that, under the confederation, ‘we, the people of the United States of America,’ indubitably signified the people of the several states of the Union, as free, independent, and sovereign states, coupled with the fact that the constitution was a continuation of the same Union, and a mere revision or remodeling of the confederation, is absolutely conclusive, that, by the term, ‘the United States,’ is meant the several states united as independent and sovereign communities; and by the words, ‘we, the people of the United States,’ is meant the people of the several states as distinct and sovereign communities, and not the people of the whole United States collectively as a nation.

CONCLUSIVE FACS: The several States are all sovereign and independent republics and the United States is a Union (federal republic); the states have the authority to secede the Union they helped create, and that is when the Federal Government went from government of consent to a government of coercion.

The United States of America was never meant to be a democracy, but as you will find out in part two, the Federal Government waged a war of subjugation on all the states, not just the south, under the guise of “preserving the Union” as Lincoln proclaimed.


(1) – Private international law assumes a more important aspect in the United States than elsewhere, for the reason that the several states, although united under the same sovereign authority and governed by the same laws for all national purposes embraced by the Federal Constitution, are otherwise, at least so far as private international law is concerned, in the same relation as foreign countries. The great majority of questions of private international law are therefore subject to the same rules when they arise between two states of the Union as when they arise between two foreign countries, and in the ensuing pages the words “state,” “nation,” and “country” are used synonymously and interchangeably, there being no intention to distinguish between the several states of the Union and foreign countries by the use of varying terminology.” 16 Am Jur 2d, Conflict of Laws, Sec. 2 

(2) – The 14th Amendment to the Federal Constitution nationalized (federal) citizenship in the United States. No such citizenship yet exists in Europe between the members of the EU.

(3) – “General Lee told Bishop Wilmer, of Louisiana, that if it had not been for the instruction received from Rawle ‘s text-book at West Point he would not have left the United States Army and joined the Confederate Army at the breaking out of the War between the States.” “Truths of History” by Mildred Lewis Rutherford (1920)

(4) – “Truths of History” by Mildred Lewis Rutherford (1920)


The sole purpose of this blog is simple. Using education, direct action and implementing solutions, it is intended to show the people of America that they possess a hidden power so great that the government uses every tactic possible to suppress this power. Our birthright has been stealthily hidden in plain sight, waiting for the people to wake up from the mass delusion that is the so-called superior authority of the United States government. It is time for the people to implement their sovereign authority. This blog will contain 4 basic topics from here on out:

  1. EDUCATION – We will start from the beginning origins of the American system, show original intent of the Founders, and how we have ended up some of the most enslaved people on the planet.
  2. ACTION – I will publicly be sharing my experience of revoking consent peacefully. This will tie into the “Education” section as these two subjects are codependent.
  3. SOLUTION – This subject will contain various elements of attaining freedom and “sovereignty” in terms of food, economy and other personal elements of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.
  4. MISC – This portion will be reserved for current events and things of a nature that do not pertain necessarily to Education, Action or Solution topics.

The above topics will be categorized by a numerical system so the reader can tie different articles together easily. For instance, if the reader is following an article on “Action,” such as the “Termination of Voter Registration” (that I will be posting shortly), It will be marked by “A1.1” or “Action 1, Part 1” which will provide structure to help people understand the process I will be taking. Freedom encompasses a multi-faced issues that intermingle constantly and I will do my best to keep things organized and simple. In conclusion, I wanted to comment on the overall purpose of this real life, as-it-happens experience. There are many factions of people that have various belief systems. On one side the anarchist who believes government to be inherently evil and people will magically respect each other individually or in a group. On the other side is the unapologetic statist who believes government is the ultimate authority and saftey comes before individual rights. I do not share either opinions, although if I had to classify myself, I would be libertarian/minarchist. I believe a just government is one who recognizes the inherent rights of man as paramount. With that being said, my rights come from my humanity and in no way shape or form will any of this blog be construed otherwise. Constitutions are made to SECURE rights, not grant them. Any government who does not secure the rights of the people is unjust and tyrannical, thus deserves no such allegiance/consent. Ultimately, it is the people who are responsible for their own enslavement due to lack of knowledge and vigilance. And that is why I even started this blog.

The fundamental political question is why do people obey a government. The answer is that they tend to enslave them-selves, to let themselves be governed by tyrants. Freedom from servitude comes not from violent action, but from the refusal to serve. Tyrants fall when the people withdraw their support.


Perspective of the Bundy Standoff from a native Nevadan: Nevada Statehood


“He is domestic terrorist and breaking the law,” the liberals proclaim Bundy. He is a patriot for standing up to the Federal Government,” the conservatives counter. The problem with America today is topics are rarely scrutinized outside of the paradigm of the “party line.” While both of these statements have some truth, they are both lacking in substance. This author follows no party because I realize the divide and conquer elements being played upon the people to keep them fighting against each other instead of the real enemy. The proverb ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’ is alive and well in America. Guess who is friends with both parties? You guessed it, the Federal Government.

The truth about the parties is they are quite alike, but obviously very different. They wish to dictate their will upon the other, attempting to take a moral high ground on their version of “freedom” of who to marry or how to operate a business for instance. If the freedom in question does not align with the party, it is considered a usurpation upon the rejecting party. The Federal Government uses such a scheme to keep the people preoccupied with each other while they continue the status quo. There is one common denominator in all of this, the Federal Government grows in strength in conjunction with multi national corporate interests. But this article isn’t going to discuss that any further, we are going to contemplate the events in Southern Nevada and put them in context with history and law in relation to the Federal Government.

Cliven Bundy’s actions look on the surface as if he is just being defiant to a government he does not respect, which is quite obvious. But the reasons for his actions and this recent standoff go back even before Bundy’s family settled in the area of Southern Nevada. We are going to dissect some facts and hopefully an understanding of what is really going on will come full circle.

THE LIBERAL STANCE: He is breaking the law.
Yes, he is breaking “the law,” so what? Did Rosa Parks “break the law?” Did Susan B. Anthony “break the law?” Like I said, so what? As Bundy’s actions don’t align with the modern liberal narrative, the impact of what he has done is no less important. Many liberals may argue with that assertion, but the truth of that statement will be revealed soon enough. Need I remind this audience that what Hitler did was legal, but it was far from lawful. As Martin Luther King rightly said, “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.” Likewise, what Cliven Bundy has done may not be legal, but it will be proven it was quite lawful.

The terms lawful and legal differ in that the former contemplates the substance of law, whereas the latter alludes to the form of law. A lawful act is authorized, sanctioned, or not forbidden by law. A legal act is performed in accordance with the forms and usages of law, or in a technical manner. The term color of law cannot contemplate the term lawful, but it can encompass the term legal. Hence the term “color of law” means:

“The appearance or semblance, without the substance, of LEGAL right. Misuse of power, possessed by virtue of state law and made possible only because wrongdoer is clothed with authority of state is action taken under ‘color of law.” Atkins v. Lanning. D.C.Okl., 415 F. Supp. 186, 188. 

Therefore, legality is not reality as lawful is superior to legal.

THE CONSERVATIVE STANCE: Bundy is a patriot.
Yes, I can agree with this statement, but it lacks substance. The conservatives, just like the liberals, enjoy using situations that side with their party line. Why does this lack substance? Because the (quasi) conservatives are part of the divide and conquer scheme. They want less government but more regulation on morality and what you are allowed to put in your own body. And for this reason, I am very critical of their rhetoric. At least the liberals are true to their ‘side’ without being deceptive about it, despite many ignorant hypocrisies they seem to covet.

Here is a brief history that play into the Bundy Standoff narrative that the majority will overlook. This history has come full circle, and the story begins with the so-called Civil War. (This author prefers to call this war as the ‘War of Federal Subjugation,’ which is technically more accurate. You will see clearly why as this series of articles continues.)

Nevada was brought into the Union during a turbulent time in our history. It was hurried into the Union states to help Lincoln gain enough electoral votes for his reelection despite being 20,000 or so inhabitants short of the REQUIRED 60,000. We must understand that the framing of the Nevada Constitution was done under very different circumstances than most of the states currently in the Union. Nevada came in under martial law, and the Civil War had a heavy influence on the wording used. Article I, Section 2 states:

Purpose of government; paramount allegiance to United States.  ”All political power is inherent in the people. Government is instituted for the protection, security and benefit of the people; and they have the right to alter or reform the same whenever the public good may require it. But the Paramount Allegiance of every citizen is due to the Federal Government in the exercise of all its Constitutional powers as the same have been or may be defined by the Supreme Court of the United States; and no power exists in the people of this or any other State of the Federal Union to dissolve their connection therewith or perform any act tending to impair, subvert, or resist the Supreme Authority of the government of the United States. The Constitution of the United States confers full power on the Federal Government to maintain and Perpetuate its existance [existence], and whensoever any portion of the States, or people thereof attempt to secede from the Federal Union, or forcibly resist the Execution of its laws, the Federal Government may, by warrant of the Constitution, employ armed force in compelling obedience to its Authority.”

Now, look at the conflicting statements in this section of the NevCon. “All political power is inherent in the people” and “they have the right to alter or reform the same” but “no power exists in the people of this or any other State of the Federal Union to dissolve their connection therewith”? The latter part of this section is in direct conflict with the first organic law of the United States of America, the Declaration of Independence, while the former is in harmony. The DOI states, “Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” It is very clear that the federal government, under martial law, had a heavy influence on the framing of the NevCon, and, as you will see soon enough, is prima facie evidence of the tyranny that was to come once the South surrendered to the Union Army. (Note: the term “consent of the governed” will play a major part in this series of articles.)

Furthermore, in the Ordinance immediately proceeding the Preamble, the third section declares:

That the people inhabiting said territory do agree and declare, that they forever disclaim all right and title to the unappropriated public lands lying within said territory, and that the same shall be and remain at the sole and entire disposition of the United States.”

This is very curious, as in 1858 the silver rush started, that the newly formed Nevada government (Federal Government) will openly defy Article I, Section 8, Clause 17 of the Federal Constitution which states:

“To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of Particular States, and the Acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings…”

The Federal Government was never supposed to have any real authority/jurisdiction over the several States unless it was enumerated in the USCON or LAWFULLY amended as such. Some may argue that Article IV, Section 3, Clause 2 of the USCON gives enumerated authority over territory within a state. This clause states:

“The Congress shall have the Power to dispose of and make all needful Rules and Regulations respecting the Territory or other Property belonging to the United States…”

These clauses work hand-in-hand, but organically once a state is born and adopted with equal footing to the original thirteen, the territory within said state belongs to the state itself with the Federal Government a trustee, and the legislature has paramount authority over it’s territory unless it is enumerated in the USCON to the Federal Government. The Federal Government has full authority over territories of the United States, not states once admitted to the Union. Again, any authority to the Federal Government MUST be enumerated. (NOTE: The idea of federal territory/jurisdiction overlapping into a state is an important abstraction to understand, because it plays a big role in the relationship between the Federal Government and the States post Civil War.)

Below is an assessment of federally “owned” lands in the several States—>


NOTE: The states with a large part of their territory “owned” by the Federal Government in this picture were admitted just before, during or after the War of Federal Subjugation. Nevada was the only state during the war (under martial law) that was admitted into the Union from territory status. West Virginia split from Virginia because of Virginia’s Confederate allegiance.

Revoking Consent to be Governed


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As of the new year, I will be doing a very thorough article(s) on how one can revoke consent to the reconstructed federal system (democracy), and regaining/claiming your unalienable rights under the original system of several state republics the founders intended (some of them; Hamilton was a bankster agent).

Here is a little sneak peak of the letter that started my process of terminating the presumption of citizen of the United States status (Title 8 USC 1101(a)(22)) aka federal citizen subject and I will be returning to my lawful de jure status as a national of a state of the Union styled these United States of America. National of a state status can be found in Title 8 USC 1101(a)(21). This will revoke all consent to the reconstructed federal democracy and return my proper standing under the common law as a Nevada national in my republic guaranteed by Article IV, Section 4 of the USCON.Image

Sorry for my absence… Good news tho!!!

I have been away from this blog for quite some time now, I appreciate all the comments, questions and those who have waited paitently. I hope people have found some of this information useful… My absence was for a few reasons, namely furthering my study of law and a miracle baby boy that has come into my life as of this last summer.

In the upcoming weeks, we will finish what was started last fall/winter; the revocation of consent to the reconstructed federal system. I will start from scratch and be giving detailed information about my path out of the federal matrix so people can see without question this is the remedy. This is how the American people take back the power that is their birthright which has been stolen then hidden from each and every one of us.

THE PATH TO FREEDOM: Tomorrow I will begin withdrawing consent to be governed by the United States corporation

“Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the CONSENT of the governed.” ~Declaration of Independence

A government WITHOUT consent is the very definition of slavery. The American people have been indoctrinated to believe certain falsehoods about the American system. These truths kept from the people as a whole, have shaped the statist attitude we see in America today; it has mirrored the Germans of the 1930s. This is a VERY dangerous symptom of social engineering[1], constant indoctrination within FEDERAL funded public schools[2] and the media[3].

I began questioning the world around me about 4-5 years after 9/11, especially as history relates to the federal government. As I began to really educate myself in history and current events, I found some very disturbing things that made me question things further. A few key points of FACT that really opened up my desire to learn were:

  • General Smedley Butler ~ Author of War is a Racket and a Major General in the U.S Marine Corps, an outspoken critic of U.S. military adventurism, and at the time of his death the most decorated Marine in U.S. history.  In his 1935 book War is a Racket he described the workings of the military-industrial complex and American imperialism.
  • Pearl Harbor ~ I couldn’t believe that another country would attack the USA like the Japanese did. Fact is FDR ignored warnings from multiple countries (like Australia and Russia) to shift public opinion of the war and then claimed it a “Day of Infamy”. The day after Pearl Harbor over 1 million Americans voluntarily signed up for military service for a previously unpopular war. FDR allowed 2,402 Americans to die for what Dwight Eisenhower later called the “Military-Industrial Complex”.
  • Dwight Eisenhower’s Farewell Address ~ January 17, 1961, President Eisenhower made one of the most famous speeches in American history. He warned America in part:“This conjunction of an immense military establishment and a large arms industry is new in the American experience. The total influence — economic, political, even spiritual — is felt in every city, every State house, every office of the Federal government. We recognize the imperative need for this development. Yet we must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. Our toil, resources and livelihood are all involved; so is the very structure of our society. In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.”
  • Gulf of Tonkin ~ Daniel Ellsberg, a United States military analyst who, while employed by the RAND corporation, released the infamous Pentagon Papers that proved the governments desire to start a war illegally in Vietnam. The Gulf of Tonkin incident has been declassified as a staged false flag to AGAIN take the United States into a profitable war for those special interests within the military-industrial complex. An estimated 52,00 Americans were killed and another 2 million vietnamese died between the North and South.
  • Iran/Contra ~ The federal government and the CIA was caught red-handed selling arms to Iran (while selling Iraq arms as well) to fight Iraq to fund the terrorist group “Contras” who reeked havok in Central America. The Contras helped the CIA run cocaine back into the United States (via Mena, Arkansas) to raise money for more black ops. Gary Webb, author of The Dark Alliance, exposed the Executive branch, CIA and their operatives who created the crack epidemic that spread throughout the Union like wild fire. Webb’s book ties the highest offices of govt and CIA with famous street dealer “Freeway” Ricky Ross. Another notable authority on this is ex L.A. narcotics officer Michael Ruppert who has spent 30+ years documenting government corruption.
  • World Trade Center Bombing ’93 ~ The FBI was directly responsible for creating a terrorist plot to bomb the World Trade Centers and even helped build the bomb used by Ramzi Yousef.
  • Oklahoma City Bombing ’95 ~ The ATF and other alphabet agencies took part in a cover-up that killed many civilians in the precursor to the 9/11 attacks. The Murrah federal building was wired for explosives while the Ryder truck fertalizer bomb outside was the “diversion” used to explain the damaged cause to the federal building. Further research shows that a second device was recovered from INSIDE the building and has been covered up by federal authorities. Local police and media have been EXTREMELY outspoken about this cover-up to this very day.

These few events above alone, and there are at least a DOZEN more like them, have shaped my world view of the entity know as the “United States”. As of the last few years, I have found myself studying the two most important parts of understanding what the United States is, law and the events surrounding the Civil War. Firstly, in my study of law I have been shocked that everything I have learned in school is a deliberate falsehood to cover up important facts about our so-called government.

  1. The United States is a FOREIGN FEDERAL CORPORATION with respect to a state. This FACT is defined in their law under Title 28 USC § 3002 (15)(a) and 19 Corpus Juris Secundum § 883. To understand that the “United States” is foreign to the states themselves, you must go back in history to the creation of the federal government. The several American republics created a federation/union called the “united States of America”. It is a UNION of countries just like the European Union with some slight differences.
  2. The purported 14th Amendment actually changed the American system of government. More accurately speaking, it created a concurrently running administrative private civil law system along with the ORIGINAL public constitutional common law system which is the foundation of our existence grounded in English common law. The 14th Amendment DID NOT give the slaves “civil rights”, it subjugated the people of the several American republics into a contractual federal civil law system that closely resembles the civil law system of the Roman empire. History shows how corrupt that society was and the fact its imperialistic tendencies made it rot from the inside. Does that sound familiar? “All roads lead to Rome”…(For more information on the differences of these two systems within the constraints authorized by the Constitution, please go back and read my article entitled “The United States corporation and ITS citizenship. What exactly is IT and how do we change our status?” on 12/15/12 and subsequent articles on 12/04/12 and 12/02/12 regarding like subject matter.)


Taking into considering the above information, my goal of this article is to show a step by step explanation of how I intend to revoke consent to be governed. Like I mentioned at the beginning, a government without consent is the very definition of slavery. THEY MUST HAVE YOUR CONSENT, without it they are NOTHING. I must add that this does not make you above the law. All of humanity is bound by natural law in which common law recognizes. The Creator is supreme and natural law recognizes this as opposed to civil law where government is supreme. It views government as “God” aka “The Creator”. Humanity was warned not to idolize false gods no weren’t we? Have we been paying attention to the natural law? Look at our environment for example…

As of 12/20/12 I will be starting my expatriation process (again, read those past articles for more detailed information) from the foreign corporation known as the United States and claiming my birthright as a de jure national of Nevada. Nevada is the COUNTRY I was born, therefore, making me an American (State) national on equal footing with the American people prior to their subjugation of the insidious 14th Amendment.

Firstly, I will be protesting/rescinding my voter registration I applied for in 2008. I didn’t vote because I was fed up with the corruption of the federal system. The act of voting, within this system, is the ULTIMATE form of consent and I no longer wish to participate in the fraud it represents. Technically speaking, if you vote for ANY PARTY within the 14th Amendment de facto federal system, you are in rebellion against your de jure republic; you country of origin. (To further understand HOW the 14th Amendment has usurped our several republics of the American Union, I posted an article on 9/06/12 which is the basis of revoking consent. I HIGHLY suggest going over this information and then going over it again. If you are serious about really becoming free from federal tyranny, you MUST understand this information!) https://sonsofliberty2k.wordpress.com/2012/09/06/this-is-the-real-remedy-understand-the-problem-so-we-can-implement-solutions/

Here is a template of the letter I will be using courtesy of the State nationals of PACinlaw.org and the author of the book THE RED AMENDMENT, LB Bork. The article form 9/06/12 is based off all his essays and other pertinent material regarding the matter of personal freedom. I can’t emphasize enough that this IS the remedy to federal subjugation of the American people. As my process continues, I will update this article on my expatriation process.



[1] HUMAN RESOURCES: Social Engineering in the 20th Century

[2] CHARLOTTE ISERBYT: The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America


[3] SPIN: Mainstream Media

UPDATED 12/20/12: Connecticut school shooting looking more and more like a staged false flag psy-op with ties to Aurora, Colorado



From the producer, “This expose goes far beyond the shooting in Aurora, so that the viewer can see the event for what it is more clearly.

In Chapter One – The Problem, I attempt to explain the environment that has led to the Aurora shooting and the massive wall of secrecy and authority that stands to prevent our understanding of the event or prosecution of the perpetrators.

In Chapter Two – Staged Events, I draw parallels between the theater shooting and other “Staged Events” including Joe Stack, Oklahoma Bombing, Underwear Bomber, Stephen Ivens Affair, 9/11, D.C. Sniper and Arizona Shooting. None of these event profiles should be considered authoritative or complete, but all provide a unique insight to newly awakening researchers and veteran independent researchers alike.

In Chapter Three – The Aurora Event, I walk the viewer through the fabricated account of events and focus attention on the conflicting and ill-fitting evidence.”

>Below is my article regarding the tragedy in Connecticut with ties to Aurora, Colorado posted on 12/17/12<


Map from promotional site referenced to Dark Knight Rises, look at the island at the very bottom, “Sandy Hook”:


->UPDATE 12/18/12: Map overlay of Sandy Hook on Google maps compared to the Batman map above!!!

As the days pass since the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, many inconsistencies are arising that lead many to believe that this shooting was no random act of violence.  As with the Colorado shootings, witnesses attest to multiple people involved despite the “lone gunman” theory. Stories are being altered and the facts distorted from the first reports. Some of the video evidence below raises some serious questions into what really is going on in Connecticut…

This raw video shows a another man dressed in camo being chased into the woods:

Analysis of the above video:

Witnesses verifying presence of AT LEAST one other persons of interest:

Screenshot and link to CNN regarding report of 2nd gunman:



When Connecticut State Police Lt. J. Paul Vance was asked about the mother’s connection to the school he pauses and changes the subject denying that there was a second person who was detained despite eye witness testimony and news coverage of this fact:

Even BusinessInsider.com is reporting this “conspiracy theory”:


Connecticut Cheif Medical Examiner Dr. H. Wayne Carver II, said victims at Sandy Hook Elementary died from “a very devastating set of injuries.” Carver said of the seven autopsies he personally performed, the victims had “three to 11 wounds a piece” and were shot in the head. “I believe everybody was hit more than once,” he said.

There are reports from the MSM that the Bushmaster .223 was in the car outside while the Glock and Sig Sauer 9mm were on his person inside. The first video shows law enforcement clearing the “long rifle” from the trunk:

CNN reporting that “Lanza was found dead NEXT TO THREE GUNS, a semi-automatic .223-caliber Bushmaster rifle (that magically made it’s way inside from the trunk outside) and two pistols made by Glock and Sig Sauer, a law enforcement source told CNN.”


The story changes AGAIN, now 4 guns inside and AR-15 in the car outside:

Threats of arrest by CT State Police and federal agencies for freedom of speech:

If you have not noticed yet, maybe it’s coming in clear that we live under a fascist government with direct correlations to the Orwellian nightmare made famous by George Orwell’s “1984”. Do not question authority; 2+2=5…
War is Peace
Freedom is Slavery
Ignorance is strength

More questions like how he got into the locked school in the first place have not been answered or if there was a closed circuit surveillance that would show EXACTLY what happened that fateful day. With the recent Batman connections and possible Libor scandal connections, it looks like this story is far from over.

UPDATE 12/18/12:
Today, Michael Harris, former Republican candidate for governor of Arizona and GOP campaign finance chairman, in an internationally televised news broadcast, cited “Israeli revenge” in, what he called, “the terrorist attack in Connecticut.”

Michael Harris, citing the flood of inconsistencies in the “cover story,” pointed out the following, “The facts are now becoming obvious. This is another case where Israel has chosen violence and terrorism where their bullying in Washington has failed. Israel believes the US “threw them under the bus,” particularly after the recent Gaza war, allowing Israel to be humiliated in the United Nations. Their response was to stage a terror attack, targeting America in the most hideous and brutal way possible, in fact, an Israeli “signature attack,” one that butchers children, one reminiscent of the attacks that killed so many children in Gaza?”


I’d like to thank Historical Records VLT on youtube for capturing many of these videos. You can check out their page at:


Hopefully have a video up soon with all this information becomes more clear. Because of the fishy events in Colorado this summer, we made this video to capture many of the witnesses, political psy-ops and other inconsistencies surrounding the Batman shootings in Aurora, CO.



->UPDATE 12/20/12: A friend brought this to my attention. If you are familiar with the Jesuits and their effect on global events, this may not come as a shocker. Suzanne Collins, author of The Huger Games, “resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut with her husband and their two children. She is a Roman Catholic.”


To the naked eye an untrained mind this may seem like a bizarre coincidence, and it might be. But considering the subject-matter of her book as it relates to the current events currently dividing and already divided Union further, it’s Jesuit connection seems to be more than just a simple coincidence.

The Plot:
The Hunger Games takes place in a nation known as Panem, established in North America after the destruction of the continent’s civilization by an unknown apocalyptic event. The nation consists of the wealthy Capitol and twelve surrounding, poorer districts united under the Capitol’s control. District 12 (12 Federal Reserve districts?), where the book begins, is located in the coal-rich region that was formerly known as Appalachia.”


->UPDATE 12/20.12: Ben Swann, in his alternative media segment FULL DISCLOSURE, bringing to light connections between Aurora and Connecticut via the Libor Scandal:

-> UPDATE 12/20/12: There have been rumors floating around of the possible hoax that the families of the murdered kids in Connecticut are merely actors playing a role in this “tragedy”. (It is my feeling at this point that the powers behind this are trying with all their might to get the several States of the American Union into another Civil War.)

Here is a posting from a Facebook group called The Anti-Media:

“Alright this is the scariest shit I’ve seen thus far regarding the Sandy Hook conspiracy. Let me try to walk you through this image step by step, and yes, I have checked for validity of all the images in this collage. First watch this video of Robbie Parker, Emilie Parker’s father, the girl pictured in this image.
Video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cKWgCRBR5qE
Second, visit this link, it is supposedly for Emilie Parker’s funeral service http://www.abc4.com/content/news/top_stories/story/Funeral-Arrangements-set-for-6-year-old-Emilie/tl82K2wLkEaRXRWMPV-uVw.cspx
Now visit the source site for the picture of Obama posing with the kids AFTER the event happened http://abcnews.go.com/meta/search/imageDetail?format=plain&source=http%3A%2F%2Fabcnews.go.com%2Fimages%2FUS%2Fht_barack_obama_ss_w_newtown_jp_121217
Now Tell me what is going on here. And don’t come at me with “that could be her sister” look at this photo before you say that, look at the dress, same one. Look at the girl’s hairline
Newtown sheriff threatens anyone questioning the “official” story with indictment https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HsggvZlFniA&playnext=1&list=PLqM-r5BQb8CEjOui4SioEC2ovfezseZ27&feature=results_main
Now Tell me what is going on here.”

Video of Robbie Parker, father of 6 year old Emilie Parker, going from happy man to sad actor caught on film:

This is a separate photo Robbie Parker, his family and a picture of his daughter with Obama dated 12/16/12 (link for Obama picture above):

More families that are involved in what looks like the Sandy Hook hoax:

Hoax media report:

Christina Taylor Green and the whole crew Exposed! PT1-2


The United States corporation and ITS citizenship. What exactly is IT and how do we lawfully correct our status?



“There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.” ~Henry David Thoreau

~”United States” is “a federal corporation” (Title 28 USC § 3002 (15)(a))

~Section 1 of the 14th Amendment (which was never properly ratified, Dyett v Truner) has EMPOWERED corporate personhood and therefore fascism/communism. It reads: “All PERSONS born or naturalized in the United States, and SUBJECT to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.”

PERSON – Black’s Law Dictionary 6th Edition, pg. 791, defines ‘person’ as follows: “In general usage, a human being (natural person), though by statute term may include labor organizations, partnerships, associations, corporations, legal representatives, trustees, trustees in bankruptcy, or receivers (artificial person).”

Corporations are indeed “citizens of the United States” via this amendment and have equal constitutional PRIVILEGES. (Rights come from our humanity/creator; privileges come from man/government.) The people of America that consent/contract their person as a “citizen of the United States” have waived their natural rights protected by the Constitution for benefits and privileges from the State which are subject to Congress. It’s not that corporations magically were endowed with the same “rights” as people, the people VOLUNTARILY DEGRADED their STATUS to that of a corporation. The 14th Amendment created a federal civil law system under the guise of giving slaves “civil rights”. In fact, the American people were subjugated by the federal government and corporations were uplifted to a status of being equal to people. Fucked up huh?

How do we correct this you may ask. You must realize that the above created an alternate PRIVATE civil law system running concurrently with the original PUBLIC common law based system when the United States created ITS own “citizenship”. Prior, the American people were soley paramount citizens of their state/nation and their inherent natural rights were recognized in common law.

Whats the difference between civil and common law? Simple really: 

~CIVIL LAW views the United States as “God” or Creator. The federal government is supreme. This is the system the Romans used and one of the main reasons why their imperialistic empire imploded on itself. Sound familiar? Within American civil law, things like corporate personhood, NDAA, victimless crime, income tax (direct unapportioned), and many more issues – thought to be unconstitutional – are enabled to exist when they fundamentally can’t exist in common law. This is PRIVATE law, authorized by the Constitution via the Commerce Clause (Art I, section 8, cl 3) under jurisdiction of Congress. We contract our person into this capacity/title created by the federal government therefore it makes us subject to its jurisdiction. If you think that some of the stuff they do violates our rights it does, but because it is a contract, no state shall impair the obligation of contracts aka the Contract Clause (Art I, sec 10, cl 1)*NOTE – Cannabis is “illegal” in this lawform because government is supreme and makes the rules for ITS CREATIONS aka “citizens of the United States”.

~COMMON LAW views God/the Creator as the legitimate creator of all and recognizes our natural rights. Our Creator is supreme. This is the polar opposite of civil law. This is PUBLIC law protected by Constitution. The several States are supreme because they created the federation/union known as the united States of America. One who does not contract into federal citizenship retains their natural rights and technically cannot be prosecuted for victimless crime, taxed on wages, etc. But you have to know how to defend that position in court. Trust me, it has been done. News media won’t let that cat out of the bag. *NOTE – Cannabis is lawful in this lawform because the Creator created it. Mankind cannot deem a plant in it’s natural state unlawful.


United States (democracy) ≠ united States of America (republic(s))

STATE OF ____________ ≠ State republic

citizen of the United States (subject) ≠ American national (freeman)

civil law (rules of Congress) ≠ common law (based on natural law/Creator)

TWO distinct lawforms means there are TWO distinct status’ in which to operate under the Constitution:

Status #1 – citizen of the United States (legal)

~Defined in Title 8 USC § 1101 (a)(22)

~Under PRIVATE civil law of Congress (“God”)

~Does NOT completely recognize natural law

~Can be prosecuted for victimless crime

~Can be taxed on wages

~Equal privileges as corporations provided by the State

~Voluntary servitude by consent (inalienable rights contracted away)

~Resides in STATE OF _____________

Status #2 – American (State) national (lawful)

~Defined in TItle 8 USC § 1101 (a)(21)

~Under PUBLIC natural law (common law) of the Creator

~Recognizes natural law via common law

~Cannot be prosecuted for victimless crime

~Cannot be taxed on wages

~Unalienable rights endowed by the Creator

~Freeman, subject to NOBODY/NOTHING except “God”

~Domiciled in one of the several State republics

Status #2 is evidenced in United States Code:

~Title 8 USC § 1502 – Certificate of nationality issued by Secretary of State for person not a naturalized citizen of United States for use in proceedings of a foreign state

“The Secretary of State is authorized to issue, in his discretionand in accordance with rules and regulations prescribed by him, a certificate of nationality for any person NOT a naturalized citizen of the United States (Status #1) who presents satisfactory evidence that he is an American national (Status #2) and that such certificate is needed for use in judicial or administrative proceedings in a FOREIGN STATE. Such certificate shall be solely for use in the case for which it was issued and shall be transmitted by the Secretary of State through appropriate official channels to the judicial or administrative officers of the FOREIGN STATE in which it is to be used.”

^To fully grasp the meaning of the above, you MUST understand “[t]he United States government is a FOREIGN CORPORATION with respect to a state” (19 Corpus Juris Secundum § 883). To put it simply, the United States is FOREIGN to American (State) nationals and the State republics. When an American national contracts with the FOREIGN corporation United Sates, the Commerce Clause and the Contract Clause apply and then you are considered a “subject”.

6 steps to status correction:

1. If you have voted in the federal system or registered to do so, you must rescind/protest that specific contract.

2. Formally expatriate from United States NATIONALITY (citizen/national of the United States) via Title 8 § USC 1481 (a)(2).

3. Claim your de jure nationality of your state/nation . (Remember, the states are countries, by the law of nations, who created a federation/union called “united States of America”; no different than the federation/union called “European Union”. The United States IS NOT A COUNTRY internally speaking! The difference is the EU has not enacted legislation creating allegiance/nationality of the union like the 14th Amendment in America.)

4. Give notice to these offices and default them administratively:


~CEO of United States 

 ~AG of United States 

 ~Secretary of State



 ~AG of State 

 ~Secretary of State

5. Protest birth certificate, SS# and FRNs.

6. Notice local law society (sheriff, police chief and DA).

This paperwork is your preponderance of evidence that you are NOT a United States person under the 14th Amendment that makes you “subject to the jurisdiction thereof”. Their presumption is that EVERYONE is a US person, this blows their presumption out of the water. They can only proceed fraudulently which will open them up to a suit.

Case law about expatriation:

“The burden of proving expatriation generally is upon the defendant who affirmatively alleges it and the burden is a “heavy” one. Factual doubts are to be resolved in favor of citizenship. The burden of proof on the government in an expatriation case is like that in denaturalization; the evidence must be clear, unequivocal and convincing. The rule prevailing in denaturalization cases, that “the facts and the law should be construed as far as is reasonably possible in favor of the citizen equally applies to expatriation cases.” ~United States Court of Appeals cited as Stipa v. Dulles, 233 F.2d 551 (3rd Cir., 1956)

CONCLUSION: I hope you find some valuable knowledge within and share it with others. The only way to gain control of the federal government (WITHOUT violence which they want) is by knowledge, compassion and integrity. If enough people understand and assert their natural rights, WE WILL TAKE BACK WHAT WAS TAKEN FROM ALL OF US and many of the societal problems that currently exist will disappear. Remember, mankind was NOT to idolize false gods. Governments are false gods within the scope of civil law. Now that I have shown you the difference in lawform/status between the private/public sides of the Constitution, the choice of what we do with this knowledge is up to each and every one of us. FEDERALLY FUNDED public school is not going to teach you this, for good reason! We have a choice to either be a voluntary federal subject under Congress or a freeman under the Creator.

Like Morpheus said to Neo in The Matrix, “I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door. You’re the one that has to walk through it.”


JFK, RFK, MLK were assassinated by their enemies LBJ, J. Edgar Hoover, and the Central Intelligence Agency


This is the mindblowing 6-part, 10+ hour, video documentary series Evidence of Revision whose purpose is to present the publicly unavailable and even suppressed historical audio, video and film recordings largely unseen by the American and world public relating to the assassination of the Kennedy brothers, the little known classified “Black Ops” actually used to intentionally create the massive war in Viet Nam, the CIA “mind control” programs and their involvement in the RFK assassination and the Jonestown massacre and other important truths of our post-modern time.

~EVIDENCE OF REVISION – Part 1 – The Assasination Of JFK And Oswald As Never Seen Before~

~EVIDENCE OF REVISION – Part 2 – The Why Of All Of It, all Referenced To Vietnam And LBJ~

~EVIDENCE OF REVISION – Part 3 – LBJ, Hoover and Others, What So Few Know Even Today~

~EVIDENCE OF REVISION – Part 4 – The RFK Assassination As Never Seen Before~

~EVIDENCE OF REVISION – Part 5 – The RFK Assassination Continued, MK ULTRA And The Jamestown Massacre~

~EVIDENCE OF REVISION – Part 6 – MLK Conspiratus~

~EVIDENCE OF REVISION – Part 7 – JFK Assassination Rarities~